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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

When business turns into ugliness...

It's finals week for me. I'm burned out, that's why I didn't blog yesterday. And today, I wake up, take the dog outside...to snow. Yes, it's snowing here in MI. That puts a damper on the mood a little. Anyways, here's some happenings from my weekend:

1. Aaron's first softball game was Friday and we kicked some serious butt. 26-13. Go Bombers!

2. While at Aaron's game I observed something so disturbing I almost didn't want to blog about it. Almost. I don't make it a habit of making fun of anyone who is overweight since I am myself, but I just can't believe someone really could be oblivious to the fact that they were smooshing their child with their heaviness. Literally. Let me explain, Aaron and I arrived at the game a little early so we sat in the car and waited for others to show up. Two ladies were riding by on their bicycles and I never would have saw the child in the seat on the back of the bike if Aaron hadn't pointed the poor thing out. I squint and tilt my head sideways and sure enough there was a child in the back seat and the lady was crushing it with her butt. The kid totally had to turn his/her (since we couldn't make the gender out) head to breathe, and his arms and legs were totally swallowed by said butt. I'm not joking here, these are the facts. Aaron was laughing hysterically and I was mortified. Honestly, I was real close to calling child services because I believe that's a form of child abuse.

3. I went to my Maid of Honors house on Saturday and rest assured, when you give a toddler some paint and a floor to sit on, most of the paint will be on the floor and the child. NOT the paper. In case you were wondering.

4. When your fiance is at a bachelor party and you tell him you have plans to go out too, ( you know, because you don't sit around waiting for nobody!)... you will totally be in bed asleep by 12am.

Hope everyone's week has started off great!!


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