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Monday, April 19, 2004

The difference a night can make

Yesterday night, I was exhausted. Today, I'm refreshed. I had such a wonderful weekend I was hoping it wouldn't end. But, I digress. Saturday was completed by spending money all over town, not that we had it to spend, however we needed a BBQ grill and a fire pit and misc other items. I seriously get this way when nice weather hits. So after we ran up some credit card debt we went to a friends house for a night of me learning how to play euchre. I rock at that game now. If you don't know what game I'm referring to, that may just be a Michigan thing. It's a card game anyways.

On Sunday I got one of my flower beds done, and other misc. yard things. Call me crazy, but I love yardwork. I get a great feeling of accomplishment. Then, later that evening my parents and brothers and sisters came over for badminton, and horeshoes. We had an awesome time. We cooked out on our new grill, and sat around playing games all afternoon. Of course, the badminton game was sort of skewed because it was so windy outside. But it was so hot out that the wind felt good. And when we came inside last night we broke down and turned the air conditioner on....and almost blew it up. There is a cover that the previous homeowners made for it that kept the snow and other debris out of the unit. We forgot to take it off. Aaron took the dog out about an hour after we turned it on and the unit was blowing hot air out and was on it's way I'm sure, to blowing up like a volcano. One disaster diverted. For now, at least.

So other that almost blowing up the air conditioner, my weekend rocked.

Happy Monday!


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