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Friday, April 02, 2004

1 day til D-Day

Yes that's right. 1 more day left of a non barking home. Yep tomorrow is D-Day.
Dog-Day. We pick up Chaya tomorrow morning from the rescue. It's funny how puppy-proofing your home is a lot like baby-proofing. Hide all the shoes, or if I don't have time just hide my shoes. Aaron's shoes can fend for themselves. Make sure the bar room stays closed. Too many breakables. Other than that I think we're safe to bring this girl home. Oh you just wait, come Monday, the stories that will be told. I'm sure.

Ok, here comes the no brainer stuff. Can someone give me a general "must have" list for this new puppy. We are starting with nothing. Only something we bought last week so the dog can run around in the yard because we don't have a fence yet.

Go ahead, make my list.

Happy Friday!


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