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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Can I get off this ride now??

Really, can somebody let me off? I'm feeling dizzy and lightheaded from the cycle.
Oh, you don't know what I mean by "the cycle?" Well, it's the cycle we put ourselves through whether it be with weight loss, finances, marriages. The Cycle.

I know Shannin and Denise feel me. When do we stop hurting ourselves like that's the only thing we know how to do? It doesn't make us happy, so why do we do it? We're all waiting for the answer. If you run across it, shoot one of us a message so we can share it with the world.

What is going to happen to shake us up and realize that we are the only ones who make the decision to change? We need to take baby steps instead of trying to do it all at once. All we can do is all we can do right? By little steps I mean, we can control the next bite that goes into our mouth and how we chose to respond to confrontations in our marriages. I believe personally my problem is that I can justify anything. But really they are more like excuses. And we do it all the time too. We substitute exercise if we do this, or don't eat that. Sigh, there is an end. I just think everybody has a different breaking point.

Onto a totally different subject: We are picking up our new puppy on Saturday. Now don't you fret or send hate comments, this puppy will NOT be left alone all day. We've worked out a plan. She has a huge backyard to run around all she wants. Plus, this is like a gift to my dad too. My mom is adamant about not getting a dog. Thus the reason I don't know much about them. This puppy is going to be so loved, she's not going to know what to do. My dad will be over to our house I guarantee, every hour to play with the puppy. It may also help him because he will be taking her for walks all the time and my dad is recently retired so he needs a pal to walk with. In other words, this puppy is fat right now. She's a Shar Pei/Golden Retriever Mix, in one week, between Aaron and I taking her for walks, and my dad playing with her, and my brothers and sisters, she'll be skinny as a rail. So that's that. Applications, phone calls etc. and we are approved. Here's a picture of the newest addition to the family. It's not the greatest picture, but that's what the lady at the rescue sent us:

(It's pronounced Kay-a) I know, I'm all about unique names. ;)

Have a happy April Fool's Day!!


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