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Monday, April 05, 2004

The value of 24 hours.

Friday night

6:00pm: My two sisters come home with us to spend the night. We go out to dinner and come home and play UNO until we give up and go to bed. (Does that game ever end?)

Saturday Morning
7:00am: Aaron and I wake up, so excited to go get our new puppy.

9:30am: Girls are dropped off at home, we head out to the Pet Place to get Chaya.

10:30 We pick Chaya up and get her the start-us-out supplies. She was carsick on the way over and is drooling like mad. We head home.

10:45: Chaya is sick 4 or 5 times on the way home.

11:30am: Chaya is set up at home and seems content. Exploring her new surroundings. We head out to get her a sister. (A kitty)

2:00pm: We arrive home with a kitty (Delia) and introduce the two. They are now best friends.

Sunday Morning:

7:00am we wake up after 5 hours of sleep because apparently Chaya is on a different schedule and has cried all night.

2:00pm: Chaya has slept all day and barely moved.

4:00pm: My brother comes over and plays with the animals and points out that Chaya is struggling to breathe. We take note and try not to panic, but head to the Emergency Clinic.

7:00pm: Chaya ha seen the Vet and has been diagnosed with Aspiration pneumonia. It is a severe case and they recommend she be started on IV's and antibiotics immediately. She may not make it. They hand us a bill for $500.00...to start on just x-rays and blood work. An estimate for everything that needs to be done. $2000.00.

They ask us if we can pay that and through bawling my eyes out I say no. What can we do? We certainly anticipated regular vet bills, but this is too much. We don't have that much money. I'm crying because it's our responsibility and we accepted to take care of her but we just can't spend this amount. I'm a failure. They say it's going to get much worse before it gets better, do we want to put her down? I never imagined within 24 hours we'd be faced with this decision. They said it's not our fault, she must have had a cold a couple weeks ago that wasn't treated and vomited and it went down the wrong pipe, and into her lungs which evolved into pneumonia. We are NOT putting a puppy down. She deserves a chance.

Bare minimum we walked out of there with Antibiotics for Chaya and $224 out of our pockets. This is not enough.

9:53pm: We email the rescue and explain the story and tell them we cannot continue to care for Chaya in this condition.

9:55pm: Chaya pees on herself. She never even got up from the bed.

Monday Morning
6:30am: A phone call from the rescue Aaron takes, a lot of talking and then Chaya is wisked out the door. A quick kiss goodbye from both and Chaya is gone.

7:00am: An exchange in the parking lot between the rescue lady and Aaron. Chaya is off to the hospital to get the treatment she deserves. She never asked to be sick. We don't know if we will ever see her again. Say a little prayer would you?

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

Chaya and her baby


Two best friends


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