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Friday, April 16, 2004

Love in an elevator. Um... more like panic.

Last night we found ourselves in an almost panic situation. The life insurance company deemed Aaron worthy of a policy since he's healthier than a horse, so we headed downtown to sign the final papers. Once we got there it was like 7:30 or so. Everybody was gone except the cleaning crew and our agent. On the 7th floor. We enter the building and push the elevator button. It doesn't stay lit so Aaron pushes it again. Same thing. Thinking nothing of it when an elevator opened behind us, we got on. Bad move. Everything had to be done manually. The door didn't close by itself so we had to press the button, then we had to press what floor we wanted. 4 times. Then we finally move. What seemed like one swift motion we were up to the 7th floor. But the doors didn't/wouldn't open. Elevators and I kind of have an agreement, I tell it where I want to go and it takes me there. But our agreement was null and void last night. That elevator didn't want to let us off. Ok, don't panic, maybe someone will hear both of you screaming. Perhaps that cleaning guy. Oh wait, he had headphones on. Shit. Then as soon as we were getting a little antsy, the elevator started to move down and it stopped at the 5th floor where the doors opened and a man was waiting to get on. I would have kissed that man except Aaron and I almost knocked him over trying to get off the elevator. We both head to the stairs. We found said staircase, and with the loud bang of the door closing behind us, we head up two flights of stairs to the 7th floor. Huffing and puffing a little, Aaron gets to the door and pulls the handle. It's locked. Yes folks, only us. Only Aaron and I have this kind of luck. I swear. I start to run my hands through my hair nervously and we debate going all the way down 7 flights of stairs to see if all of the doors are locked. All I can think of is how long we have before the oxygen runs out and we go start hallucinating. Or seeing mirages. Aaron assures me this won't happen and then we get the idea to try and call our agent to come to the stairwell and let us in. I'm thinking the phone won't work in a staircase but it does. So Aaron's on the phone and I'm sure I can feel my lungs closing and he's chit-chatting on the phone! Get to the point and tell her to come get us!!! He tells her we're stuck in the stairwell and all I can hear is her laughing on the other end. It's not funny. Now come let us out before I start having convulsions. Yeah, I was feeling a little claustrophobic at that point. She opens the door and lets us in and we do our business and leave.

Against my wishes, we try the elevator again which opens up, takes us down 7 floors, opens again and laughs behind our backs as we head out of the building. That elevator was totally messing with us. I seriously wanted to kick it's ass. Don't disrespect. I'll disconnect your wires, fool.

I can be ghetto when I need to.

Happy Friday!!!!


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