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Monday, April 12, 2004

Just hooow many weeere there?

Way too much this weekend. Yes there were way too many of all these things this weekend:

1. Doggie Doo-Doo. Way.too.many.accidents.to.keep.up.with.

2. Kitty scratches all over Aaron and I.

3. Asshats. You name it. Driving, in stores, they're everywhere.

4. Yard work. We built a pretty walkway of gravel and stepping stones.

5. Stain. For the armoire my brother stained for us. That isn't dry yet, and is still sticky. But we put it back in the living room anyways.

6. Tequila. The drink count down was three, which made me up all night long. This will never show up on my "too much" list again.

Hope everyone's Easter weekend was wonderful. Now get posting because I'm coming by and if you're not ready, so help me...


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