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Thursday, April 08, 2004

We should have named them squeaky and gags

We got Chaya back last night. :)
She came home on medicine and she's still really lethargic, but she's home. She didn't even have one accident last night. I'm shocked because I was counting on plenty of them.

Delia however, must have mixed feelings about Chaya's homecoming as she squeaked all night. It may be due to the fact that Chaya had to reintroduced herself to Delia by sniffing her evertime she came into the room. Or it could be that she is now scared of Chaya since she sounds like Darth Vadar when she sleeps because she is still wheezing. Whatever it is, I have hopes they'll be friends again real soon.

Nothing much else to report, I'll be back sometime this weekend. I'm off tomorrow for Good Friday. I promise I'll catch up on everyone's blogs soon!!

Happy Easter!!!

Thought you'd enjoy this picture of Delia playing with a mouse.....


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