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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To helium or not to helium?

Another wedding question. My mom knows a lady who does balloons for weddings. You know, maybe an archway over the head table, a net of balloons over the dancefloor, etc. My question to you is if you think that the reception would look more like a birthday party than a wedding reception??

Decorations I have so far:
1. Centerpieces for the tables.
2. That's all. I don't have anything else.

Help me out, I'm stumped!!!

Anyways, I realized I haven't blogged at all about my tribulations with weight loss lately. Well, that's because I really haven't been paying attention to it. Fully, that is. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables. We won't count pizza on Monday night, and I've finally gotten Aaron to start walking with me on non-school nights. That's a big plus. It helps to have him by my side. So one day I lost like 3 pounds and now I've just maintained where I was. So, that's the news in that neck of the woods.

Oh, say a little mercy prayer, I'm at it again with gardening. It's too cold still to plant outside, but I'm nursing some zinna's in a planter. In the house at night and on the porch during the day. Oh, I think I may have already done bad because my planter is only about 20 inches in diameter and I put like 20 seeds in there. So if you see a house that's been taken over by zinna's. That's my house. Come on in and say hi....if you can find the door.

Happy hump day!!


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