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Friday, March 19, 2004

I saw the sign

I have absolutely no idea why most of my post titles are song titles. No clue. Don't ask.

Last night Aaron and I ventured out to an arena football game. We cancelled a life insurance meeting to go. Yep, are priorities are definitely straight. Anyways, I just don't know what's been going on with me lately. Aaron will say something seemingly innocent and I'm all over him like a bad habit. I guess he just gets my wrath when I'm stressed. "Again, you say? You sure are stressed a lot. " Oh people, let me tell you, this stuff just gets better and better.... let us begin...

I am totally a people watcher. I don't know what I'm watching for, I just watch. So we walk into the venue for the evening and stand in line to upgrade our tickets. Now, let me say I don't like to be judged, therefore I do not judge others. That being said, the guy in the next line stunk. Very bad. Perhaps his water was out at his house and he hadn't been able to shower in the last three years. I don't know. Whatever his situation, he stunk. I say a little prayer for the man that he will one day soon experience the conveniences of soap and water. We proceed with said upgrade, move along, buy some unhealthy food to eat and then venture to find our seats. Walking down the stairs to our seats, we go lower and lower, and then we locate our seats and sit down.

Right next to Stinky Man.

Aaron's laughing his butt off and I panic because I'm sure I can't hold my breath for the next 3 hours. I scoot as close to Aaron as I can, short of sitting in his lap, I'm stuck. And he stinks. (Stinky Man, not Aaron)

I'm a tough girl so I got through it but damn my luck. Out of the 100,000 seats, he had to be right.next.to.me.

But wait, it gets better. I don't know if it was my Karma getting back at me or I plain just shouldn't have been where I was. The world may never know.....

Which brings me to today.

So sometimes on Friday I get breakfast out and today I was one of those Friday's. I was "Getting it My Way" this morning, or so I thought. I pull up to those lovely speaker boxes and a lady asks me if she can take my order. I relay said order and wait for my total. Nothing. Silencio. So I wait for a minute to see if the lady comes back, and she doesn't. At first I was all quiet like and said "hello", "excuse me" and with each minute I sat there talking to this stupid box, I got louder and louder, and then proceeded to honk my horn. Nothing. Where the hell did everybody go?? I beep my horn and scream and finally I get smart and pull up to the window to see if there was really anybody working there, or if someone just left the open sign on at the end of their shift last night. I should have taken this as a sign I shouldn't have been eating there in the first place.
A lady comes to the window and I say "Why are you denying me my unhealty food?!!! She tells me the power went out momentarily and proceeds to outright laugh at me after I tell her what I had done. It wasn't funny. I sat literally for 10 minutes yelling at a box. I got my breakfast though.

All I can say, I'm just glad nobody was behind me to witness said yelling and horn beeping.

Have a good weekend.


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