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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Holding my breath

I'm well known for not being patient, and being a bit of a pessimist. However, such things happen in my life that have made me this way. It's who I am.

It's been a busy week thusfar and it doesn't show signs of letting up at all.

Monday afternoon a family member of mine was taken to the hospital because he had a heart attack. 99% blockage.....Here's hoping he quits the smoking and gets his butt off the couch.

I applied for graduation yesterday and will be "walking" June 18th. Aaron is graduating in June also.

No dog as of yet. Truth is, we work all day and aren't home some nights. Once we both graduate and get married we'll re-evaluate. It's looking like next spring.

Aaron has enough hours to apply to be an electrical journeyman. Hopefully this will reflect nicely in his paycheck.

I got a pedicure and a manicure last night. I almost kicked the lady doing my feet because I'm that ticklish. I also think she was swearing at me in her native language. I let that go because I really did almost kick her front teeth out.

I'm going out tonight with an old coworker for dinner and drinks.

I got my wedding dress on Sunday-I know, I forgot to tell you- but I CAN'T post the pictures or Aaron will see them. And that's just bad karma.

So things are going pretty well right now, so I ask you,

How long before the other shoe drops.....?


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