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Monday, March 08, 2004

Blue Monday

A completely treacherous weekend. I'm exhausted.

I'll go into full description later, here are some details to keep you occupied:

1. I asked Aaron to start the shower for me, which he did, I stepped in and produced a blood curdling scream because I was scalded. He didn't check the temperature of the water for me, he only turned it on....therefore I will be the one bathing our children (when we have them) for the rest of our lives.

2. Aaron is starting softball and had a meeting last night.
Leaving me alone= me going shopping.
And I did a LOT of damage in the 2 hours he was gone.

3. One good thing that happened was that my eating wasn't that horrible, if you don't count dinner last night. Which I'm not. I lost another pound. -9lbs. total. :)

4. I bought a ton of seeds for our 4 flower beds and vegetable seeds for our garden. I'm going to attempt to do this despite the fact that any plant that comes into my sight promptly dies within 5 minutes. God help the poor seeds.

And the number one reason I'm so tired after this weekend:

5. I was totally late this morning for work. I sat straight up in bed and promptly looked at the clock and wanted to be ill because it was 7:15am and I absolutely have to leave the house at the latest by 7:30, in order to be here by 8:00. No, our alarm isn't broken, apparently, Aaron thought he hit snooze, but really turned it off...to cuddle with me.

Happy freakin Monday.


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