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Monday, March 22, 2004

The pitter patter of little feet and what not

Nope no buns in the oven , I'm talking about the pitter patter of dogs' feet here. Aaron wants a dog. Bad.

He's even set our desktop to a picture of puppies in a basket. Submliminal messages. I'm pretty sure he even whispers in my ear about dogs when I fall asleep.

I've mentioned before my reservations about getting a dog. Let's recap shall we?

1. I've only had one dog in my entire life. And I was 5 when he passed away. In other words: I.Know.Nothing.About.Dogs.

2. I'm little. Dogs are big. (Well, the ones Aaron wants are. You know, the ones that can stand on their back legs and be taller than me. Yeah, those dogs.)

3. I have an incredible sense of smell and I gag when I smell wet dogs.

4. Dogs are the most cutest fluffiest non-smelly animals when they're puppies. Then they grow up.

5. Right now is not the best time since Aaron and I are both in school and are extremely busy. And that's just bad puppy-parenting.

6. What the heck is puppy parenting and how do you do it???

7. I can walk into a room where a dog has been and I'm convinced I'm choking on dog hair.

8. 1 word: Accidents.

:::Sigh::: we are totally going to the Humane Society to get a dog....

Happy Monday.

PS: Go on over to Jenniy's site. She posted pictures of her dog Jake that do not help my case. Jake is seriously adorable.


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