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Thursday, March 18, 2004

When you remember

Capture the flag on a hot summer's night. Your body exhausted from playing so hard, barely stopping for a break all day, the hot sun has made you sweat and the dusk has made your skin grainy. Playing and playing until the familiar voice at the top of the hill called you home for a warm bath and a good night's rest.

The enormous fallen tree in the woods, over the swamp. Climbing and stretching all the way to the top to walk across. Reaching and pulling, holding on not to fall. The sweet smell of grass in the air and the protection from the sun from the trees all around. The swamp bugs. Oh my, the swamp bugs. Walking the trails all afternoon, from morning til night. Going to sleep and waking up to do it all over again.

The moments you remember being so happy and carefree and full of energy and how you got your exercise as a kid.


The winter you were up north quite a bit and we all went out to eat every night. This is the exact time period in your life where you began to enjoy food. Fried foods. French fries, Fried fish...

Realizing the time period in your life where food became a priority and when you began to gain weight. Battling from this point on with food. Using it to escape. Comfort food.

When you remember how it all began...


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