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Monday, March 15, 2004

A little bit of this, A Little bit of that

No, I promise I don't have Michele Branch's song stuck in my head, but I do have so much going through my brain right now it's crazy.

Friday was great, we had dinner at My Maid of Honor's house. Had a couple drinks, watched a movie, went home and slept soooo good. For the first time in a long time. I slept.

Saturday whilst Aaron was working, I was going Bride crazy. I tried on so many ill-fitting too big, not big enough dresses, by the time I left a was a little disheartened. My top is so much bigger than my waist that anything I buy will have to be nipped and tucked like crazy. I'm not worried about that though, A friend of the family is in the business. What I'm worried about is that all these dresses are made for 6 foot women. ....excuse me, yeah, down here, where are the dresses for the 5 foot people? Oh, there is no section like that? I'll just scoot on out of here now, thanks.

For this reason I am not posting pictures of the ordeal. I will however, post pictures of my sister in her bridesmaid dress, and pictures of the centerpieces we made for the tables. Oh, also, please take a moment to let me know which dress you like best for my mom. We can't decide so I'm turning it over to you, my blogger friends. Don't be surprised if this isn't the only thing I ask your opinion on.....I'm quite an indecisive person.

Anyways, I hope everyone's weekend was great. I'm a little groggy today. We went to bed early last night and about an hour later the phone rang which both of us ignored, until a message was left sounding like someone crying on the other end.....

Up jump Aaron and I, me sans clothes, running down the hall to replay the message. We were so groggy, Who? Wha? were the only things running through our minds.

Don't worry, it was just my Maid of Honor calling to chat.


By the end of the exhausting weekend, early to bed, groggy minds, hey, we can't be responsible for a perfectly normal tone sounding like someone who is desperate and needs help immediately.

Happy Monday.


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