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Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Favorite One Year Old

So far, my favorite responses when we tell people we're expecting again:
"Did you tell your husband to leave you alone?"
To that, I say bite me.

Yesterday was Bella's first birthday party, and we were both sick. :( I had a fever of 101/102 and Bella had a fever of 103. So, after the party, it was off to the urgent care. She has ear infections and I have pharyngitis. A round of antibiotics for both, and long night with the doctor, and it's Sunday already!
Happy birthday princess!! (The party did rock though, I have to say, we'll just have to relive it from the video!)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Deja Vu

Just like before, I'm on the hormone progesterone to sustain the pregnancy, just like before I've had early bleeding, not light either, Just like before, I have all these crazy problems, and have already had two ultrasounds in the first 8 weeks, when most women don't get two during their entire pregnancy.

BUT, I'm going to be a mom again. Due date: January 2, 2008.

I'm a lot sicker than I was with Bella, which I hope is a sign it's a boy. As much as I just want a healthy baby, I have to say having a boy to go with my girl would just be so awesome.

Getting ready for Isabella's birthday party next weekend. The prep work is killing me, and here I thought I was just going to do a small get together. Not possible when you have about 50 people coming. Everything I read advises against having that many people, but it's all family. Who do you not invite from your family? Without creating drama that is.

Hope the weather is nice because there is no freakin way I'm fitting 50 people in my 1200 square foot house...

Happy Memorial Day!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh boy, another bundle of joy!!!

So when I got pregnant with Isabella I found a lump in my right breast and went to the doctor to have it checked out. The doctor thought it was fine and I went on my merry way.

Well the lump recently became more prominent and was hurting. I went back to the doc and he said this time we should do a mammogram to be safe, although he said breast cancer is typically a harder lump than the one I have. So I had the mammogram. (unshielded, although I was a week late, I took a test the day before that was negative) That was last Monday. This Monday I still had not begun my period and I took another test. Negative. I started to throw the test away and then looked again, there was that second line, just barely there. I knew in my heart that I was pregnant and promptly began a freakout session because I had my mamm without a shield on for the radiation exposure. So when I called my doc to make an appt, I got the results of my mammogram: I'm pregnant. Oh yeah, and the mamm looked normal, although I will have to followup with a specialist to be sure. And the pain, well, any mom knows the joy of breast pain while pregnant.

So, here we go again! For someone who thought they would never be a Mommy, this is truly a blessing!! I just pray this pregnancy goes smoother...


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Discount Rates

I think our local hospital needs to be giving us discount rates since we are there every month, sometimes more!

January- Bella is there to have a cat scan because she's throwing up after falling back from a sitting position. Turns out, she just doesn't like oatmeal.

End of January- Aaron is there, he has lost feeling in some of his extremities and we made sure he wasn't having a heart attack or stroke because it is so prevalant in his family.

February-Yesterday to be exact, I am there because I think I am dying from the pain I have. It was worse than childbirth and I think I'm going to climb the walls. What was going on? Kidney stones.

See, maybe I can write our local congressman and have him enact a law for my family to receive a discount at all local hospitals. While he's at it, I'll have him write in a break for us too. Man do we need one.

New pic of Bella: