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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Discount Rates

I think our local hospital needs to be giving us discount rates since we are there every month, sometimes more!

January- Bella is there to have a cat scan because she's throwing up after falling back from a sitting position. Turns out, she just doesn't like oatmeal.

End of January- Aaron is there, he has lost feeling in some of his extremities and we made sure he wasn't having a heart attack or stroke because it is so prevalant in his family.

February-Yesterday to be exact, I am there because I think I am dying from the pain I have. It was worse than childbirth and I think I'm going to climb the walls. What was going on? Kidney stones.

See, maybe I can write our local congressman and have him enact a law for my family to receive a discount at all local hospitals. While he's at it, I'll have him write in a break for us too. Man do we need one.

New pic of Bella:



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