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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Yellow brick road

Do you ever get in that rut where you want to break up the routine and do something different? I should be careful what I ask for because when I ask for some spice in my life, I get the wrong kind of spice. I have the kind of luck where if I asked for some thyme, I'd totally get a clock handed to me instead.

I'm just kind of sick of the bad luck you know? We get a puppy, we break her within 24 hours. We stain an armoire, it doesn't dry right. I plant seeds in a planter and sing to the damn pot, put it in the best sunshine and the damn squirrels dig out the seeds and eat them. Aaron gets a little overtime and it's sucked up by some unknown expense. So much for that "cushion" in the bank. And just because I'm curious, what would you consider to be a cushion in the bank? $5000, $10,000, or more??

I'm just venting today. We'll call this venting Tuesday. You can add yours if you want.

Sometimes, you just want that pat on the back you know?

Oh, one more thing. It doesn't look like the guy that was going to design my template is coming through for me. (Obviously I'm not surprised with my luck right?) Anybody want to design my site? I'm not picky, just email me if you're interested. And don't forget to tell me how much you charge. I'm looking for a two column design with minimal graphics.

Happy Tuesday!


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