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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I get by with a little help...

I was a little scared to look at the comments for my blog after what I posted yesterday, but much to my surprise, they were not nasty. I loves me a good debate and I will listen to anyone's point of view as long as it's well founded and sometimes that person can even change my mind or opinion on something. Sometimes.

Anyways, I just got back from a lunch my boss took me and another lady here out to for "Administrative Professionals" Day. I have to chuckle because there really are people who get offended if you just said it was "Secretaries Day". They would literally bite your head off. Now me, I don't care about the title, just show me the money. Show me the money, and you can call me whatever you want....wait, that just came out wrong on so many levels. Moving on...

Right. Everyone knows my fear of spiders. I've written about it here before and you all had a great laugh at my near heart attack experience. Well, they're back.

Aaron and I did our little non speaking thing last night, you know, the fight where you hold out the longest without speaking to the other person. Stupid really. Well, I broke that silence when I got into bed and saw the shadow of the world's biggest spider crawling up our t.v.


He got it.

Then, I come into work and was in the office manager's office and my phone was ringing so I picked it up in there. It was for her so when she sat back down all I heard was, "hold on, there's a huge spider crawling on the phone here." The a smash as she tried to get it. I was so close to that spider I'm surprised I didn't smell him. It was probably a good thing I didn't see it though because my boss was standing right outside and probably would have wondered what the heck I was doing screaming my fool head off. Just testing my screaming skills, that's all.

Cookout tonight on the grill and a fire in the pit. Sounds like a great night to me. Hope yours is great too.


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