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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh say can you see...

I'm going to go ahead and take a step in another direction today and venture into a scary place...Politics.

This semester I've been taking an American Government class and it's helped me to really put all the BS aside and focus on what's important.

I will not however, let you know if I'm a democrat or a republican, I do however have something to say about America and I won't feel better until I get it off my chest.

My views and opinions are just that. Mine. If you don't like them, you can disagree, however, don't fill up my email or comments with rude or hateful disagreements. Let's be adults here.

I don't care who is in the office at the present time, this is our country and too many of us take our freedoms for granted. People are fighting for our rights. This includes our right to bitch. Which we do. A lot. Whether or not you agree with this War or not, we NEED to stand behind our president and support what is happening whether we like it or not. Maybe support is the wrong word. Perhaps I should say, stop your rioting and hate towards our leader and focus those efforts on creating a better America. Yeah, I think that works better. Because believe it or not, we have no choice in what the president does. Yes, I know way too many people have died in vain, but if we would have done nothing, we would have been raked over the coals. Everybody would think they could do whatever they wanted to us because there would be no repercussions. We complain about gas prices and blame Bush. Are you nuts? He has absolutely zero to do with it. It's just easier to blame the person in power. We need to stand together here folks, otherwise, we'll be torn apart. We were outraged when 9-11 happened. We vowed to get the people behind this and bring them to justice. Where is that spirit now? It fades with time and people change their views and turn against revenge. Well, I don't think we should ever forget how vulnerable we were that day. Let us never forget. The people and the experience. May we forever be angry but somehow forgive.

I don't know how accurately I portrayed my views here, all it boils down to is that damn happy to be an American.

Let the hate emails/comments begin...

Happy Hump Day!


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