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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Nobody Knows

I have a number I never let anybody know or see. It's completely secret. In fact only two other people know it and neither of them are my family. They're my doctors.

It's my weight.

Recently Aaron and I had a meeting with our life insurance agent and she asked me this information. I made Aaron leave the room, AND I wrote it on a piece of paper for her.

I'm so ashamed of this number, over the past two years it has grown and grown. One time I had it under control. One time. That time has passed.

Yesterday at class we had to walk a mile and a half. My time was 16:07. Not bad, in fact, the textbook classified my time as "average". I wasn't last in the group, but I wasn't in the middle either. My legs, I swear, were taking as many, if not more steps as everyone else, I just wasn't walking as fast. I thought maybe it was because I really am very short. I don't know the reason, it just seemed like I had to work 10 times harder than anyone else and I was still in the back. Rather than be discouraged by this, I think for once I'll turn it around and use it to motivate myself.

So tonight when I get home form school, I'm walking the dog. And maybe when we walk for a little bit, I'll jog, and perhaps, ((gasp)) I'll even try running. Granted, if I start having problems with my neck, I'll reduce it back down to a jog.

Oh, and as for that "number", I'm going to share it.....as soon as I get it where I want it. :)


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