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Monday, February 02, 2004

Just a day

Here's the picture I promised, I figured out how to do it. And I believe it complied with my terms and conditions....we shall see.

House & Niagra Falls 014.jpg

Aaron and I experienced two deaths this past week, one person I knew, and one in his family. Grief is among us right now and we've not yet experienced this together before. So how are we handling it? We're fighting. I'm so overcome with guilt by something I said to him that I couldn't be sorrier. Here I am at work, crying my eyes out and I HATE bringing personal stuff to work, I'm just glad there isn't much to do today and there aren't many people in the office today.

I'm not going to class tonight, I need to be with my fiance right now. We need to grieve and get through this. I know we can.

Good eating habits were out the window this weekend, I still kept 6 lbs. off, I'm now "on" phase two of the diet. I got in a workout last night, it was awesome, I even did some strength training. A little hard on the neck, but it'll get easier.

To the ones we loved/lost, Rest In Peace. You will be missed.


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