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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

What time is it?

I woke up this morning and started getting ready for the day, just like every other day...except it was 3am. Wha? Who? Sweet mercy, I think I'm losing my mind! I finally convince myself fiance did not change the time just to catch some extra zzz's, then I go back to sleep. Kind of. I wake again at 4:17 and realize I've been fighting a war with the sheets on my side of the bed and the sheets and covers are all torn out from being so nicely tucked under the mattress. WTF? I wake fiance up and ask him to fix everything. I find that part kind of funny. He's so funny in a groggy state and I love to wake him up just because he makes me laugh. I know, that's mean. Hey, don't have too much sympathy for him, there has been many a night where he's shaken me to wake me up and babble some uncoherent statement to me. For instance, one night he woke me up to tell me "it was judgement day", and "how did we want to do it, 1, 2 or 2, 1." Wha???I answer him and then I go back to sleep. Or another night when he wakes me up to tell me that we better get out of here "before things get stringy." This really messes up my state of mind in the middle of the night when he does this so I half believe something is on fire and we need to vacate our apartment immediately. (This obviously was before we moved into our house) So I think we need to start tying the sheets together to escape out of our second story apartment before things get stringy, or whatever. When I realize he's still asleep and nothing is going to get "stringy" I punch him in the arm and try to coax myself back into sleep.

I'm tired, and I have to babysit tonight. Oh joy.

Oh yeah, Happy birthday little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!


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