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Monday, January 26, 2004

I want a cookie.

Yes, a real cookie, not a pat on the back kind of cookie. Since I've started on this diet, I've done so good, and I mean GOOD about chosing the foods that I consume. Well, today there are Valentine cookies sitting in the office kitchen, and it figures because for once they weren't eaten within five minutes of being set on the counter. Figures. Stupid cookies. Who wantes a stupid valentine frosted sugar cookie anyways?.........me.

I swear it's all I can think about for the moment. I think I'm going to go throw them in the trash and blame it on someone who's already left for the day and say they ate them all. Hehe. Speaking of leaving for the day, I wish I didn't have school tonight and could leave work right now because it's getting really bad on the roads right now and with the rain mixed in later, I don't want to be driving home at 10 at night. I'm a bad night driver as it is.

This weekend was good, saturday I cleaned my house but good, then later that night we had a graduation to go to and that was fun. We met some interesting people. Fiance and I were mingling quite nicely and usually we're content to mostly people watch with a few conversations thrown in so people don't think we have social personality disorder. But we met a few couples (older) and carried on nice conversations. Reflecting, they were drunk, we weren't...hmmm, maybe people can only talk to us when thery're drunk? Ha! That's funny, I'll have to remember to tell Aaron this later.

Anyways, sunday found us eating at TGIF's and I got to eat real food....right off the Atkin's menu. Then the waitress messed up and brought me the right chicken, but with the wrong side, it was supposed to be broccoli, she brought potatoes. That's a no-no on my diet. Potatoes=sugar. Therefore potatoes are evil. At first I thought she did it on purpose to taunt me and because she was eyeing my fiance, but I concluded she really messed up. So I didn't get too upset, and I also didn't get upset that they only scraped off the potates and threw some broccoli on the plate, because I was hungry. And when you're as hungry as I was, you just don't care. Oh, not to mention my salad had croutons AND a breadstick....um...hello!!! Why do you think I ordered all this fat and protein? Just to screw it up with carbs!!! Arghhh!
It really wasn't that dramatic, I just thought I'd spice things up for ya a little. :)

Anyways, I'm off to close up shop and head out to trudge across my snow covered campus to class. (yeah, 5 bucks says that it's still covered)

Oh yeah, As soon as I hit a weight loss goal, I'll get to upgrade this blog and then I'll be able to post pictures, and have a place for comments. Yeah!!!


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