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Thursday, January 15, 2004

*Walkin in a winter wonderland*

Brrrr! Man, talk about revenge. Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on us....no snow, no snow, then BAM! We are hit like a ton of bricks. Now, when I'm home all cozy on the couch reading a book and can LOOK at the snow out the window and shut the blinds when I've had enough of the white stuff, That's ok. But when my boss sweeps off my car (how nice) at 3:30 and by 4:15 I go outside and plainly see another couple inches on it, that's when I want to crawl in my skin and wish real hard that I was famous and had other people to drive me around so I wouldn't have to deal with the "elements". Such is life I guess. I forget that wishing real hard, usually doesn't make it so.

So besides standing in snow up to my knees, the drive home took an extra 40 minutes. Numnuts out there in their 4wd SUV's fly right by you as if to say, get off the road with your little Grand Am, you are not worthy! As they pass we are humbled and say, I'm sorry, I'll never get my measly front wheel drive car in your way again, oh worthy road warrior!

Enough with the complaining, a night at home and I finally got our office painted. Well, actually it was already painted, I just didn't realize that when one paints a room dark red, that said room would take 5 coats to complete. It STILL doesn't look all that great but I'm done! No more. My hands are raw trying to get all the paint off. This is how it all went down:

1. My crazy idea that i wanted a red room
2. Try a coat, realize the hunter green that was on it before bleeds right through the red creating a color I'm sure Crayola could patent as a new color if they saw it.
3. So it's off to buy primer and instead of rolling it on, we decide to use our new air compressor and spray it on. Big freakin mistake.
4. Now there is a dust on the wood floors that won't come off and a dust all over everything in the house. For the love of everything holy! We're painting, not remodeling!
5. So the primer is on, hardwood floors are half white, I roll on another coat, screw the spray gun.
6. You can plainly see every roll rolled, so we wait for the three inches of paint to dry.
7. Last night I spend x amount of hours making rolls from ceiling to floor and blending as much as possible.
8. Tear off the painter's tape and realize that was a pointless effort, begin to paint two walls of trim and call it quits.

So I'm done with painting. My walls are red, window trim is painted with primer, two walls have white trim and two have beige! Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

I think I inhaled too many fumes.....


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