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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Welcome to my new home

For those of you who followed me from my horrible attempt at blogging before, hello friend, I'm so sorry, I'll never leave you again! For those who stumble across this page and decide to stay, welcome, pull up a seat.

I'm going to attempt this one more time, and hopefully I won't do anything this time to get my blog deleted....hmph.

Well, a little background, I'm a newbie blogger, I'm planning my wedding, and I just bought a new house with my fiance, and I'm finishing up my last semester at college. Oh yea, there's always my battle with weight loss....but we won't go there right now. ;)

This blog should prove to be a learning journey for me as I attempt to expand my writing experiences. The trials and tribulations in my life should prove to be quite humorous and are often downright jaw-dropping. Welcome to my life, exits are here, and here, otherwise, I'd suggest you buckle up....



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