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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The world as we know it

Oy. I have so much to tell you. So much has happened I don't know where to start. If this post doesn't make any kind of sense, I'll apologize now.

Ok, Friday I suppose was ok, we rented a movie and really went to sleep early. However, I awoke friday to the news that my oldest brother was in a car accident on his way up north the night before. It was slushy and he hit a guardrail after spinning around and facing oncoming traffic. He must have hit it pretty hard because it broke the console inside the car. He's ok, for the most part I think he was just shook up. Wouldn't you be? So that set the tone for the day. If you remember, this is the day we celebrated Valentine's Day. We went to an early movie and saw Against the Ropes. It was a pretty good movie and it brought our spirits up. Then we went to dinner, and I was so proud of myself for not going overboard, eating or otherwise. It was a great dinner. SO ok, the day seems to be looking up, we ended the night at a bowling alley with a couple of our friends and went home to enjoy the night. Sunday came and I completely don't remember anything we did because it went so fast. I guess it was mostly errands. Yesterday I had a test in Diet & Exercise, I suppose you would call me a little confident, as I didn't study one minute....Big freakin mistake. Out of 50 questions, I was sure on about 30 of them. And they were multiple choice too. Sometimes, those are the worst tests for me. Ended the night fighting with Aaron. Really for no good reason and, now, don't get me wrong here, we've never once yelled at each other, on the contrary, our fights consist of not talking. I think sometimes we just do that with each other like it's a game or something. We're not really mad, just maybe need space and find something to be "upset" over. I suppose it's a part of every healthy relationship. Whatever. So today I come into work my Dad calls to tell me that my two brothers cars were broken into last night. We're talking windows smashed, radios taken, sub woofers, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. was taken. This has never happened in this neighborhood before. Yeah, there was an occasional egging but never a total vandalism. You know, it's funny because when Aaron left for work this morning, he started my car for me and it was a good 20 minutes before I left for work and the whole time I just had this bad feeling like someone could just walk right up and take my car. Anyways, it was just a feeling. I literally live in the next neighborhood from my parents and it scares me that it was that close. What if they come back and try to get in the house. these vandals don't even know what they are getting into if they ever broke into our house. My dad and brothers would skin them alive to protect my mom and sisters. Whew. I'm so angry right now.

So that's what's been going on, the best thing that came out of the weekend was Aaron's gift to me. If you remember all the clues, the people who guessed were really accurate in a way. now, this gift would probably not make anybody else cry but me, but it was so thoughtful that I cried. I am into scrabooking and recently finished a page on our engagement. Aaron took note that I kept all of my supplies in some measly box, so my gift was a scrabook supply carrier. :) Makes me smile thinking about it, so I guess in a way it is 'like' a purse. Good job guessers! ;) Aaron loves the scrapbook pages I do because they are special times for he and I and he wanted me to be able to be more efficient. What a thoughtful guy. Ok, I've cheered myself up some, I just hope the rest of the day goes better....I also hope I did well on my govt. test last week. We get it back tonight. For the love of sanity please let me at least get a B. Gawd. I need to relax. Anybody know what a tense person can do to relax? I mean, really tense. help.


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