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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Lovin a good hearted man

I was taking a look back at my posts and despite the ones of me bellyaching while I was sick, I realized I never wrote one about Valentine's Day. (Someone else noticed too...) That's because Aaron and I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day yet. Now, we love each other very much everyday, but Valentine's Day is the day of "extra's." We were up North with family on Valentine's day and I was sick so we, mostly me, decided to make our V-Day a week later. No way was I getting scammed out of this day. This Saturday will be spent together at home, out, wherever, whatever we decide to do, and we will exchange gifts.....

At this very moment he is at some retail store buying something that will make me and my heart smile. And I can't figure out what the hell it is!!!!!

Here were my clues:

1. I've wanted it for a long time (I want a lot of things, so?...)
2. I can't wear it (Damn, that rules out those shoes I've been eyeing.)
3. I "might" use it everyday (?....I got nothin...)
4. It's not alive (Ok, no kitties or doggies.)
5. It only costs around $100, almost to the penny. (what the..?)

Sweet Cupid I have no idea what that man is up to!

Those clues are so vague I don't even know where to begin guessing.

It really doesn't matter what I get or what we do because I know I'm in love with him madly and I've known it right from the start. We actually met in a very controversial way. Online. I'm making a long story short here, and skipping our pasts, but I posted my profile online and he was scanning through them and came across mine. He subscribed to the service and thus began our journey. We talked online for quite a few weeks, then on the phone, and finally in person. He was the most amazing person I've know right from the start. He's opened my eyes and my world in so many ways I never thought possible. He is always by my side, holding my hand, pushing me forward and always loving me. We have already been through so many things and I couldn never tell him enough how much he means to me. Oh by the way, they say matches found online never work, here is how we worked out....

End Result.jpg

Yes, it's blurred on purpose. But you ge tthe idea of what it is. :)

Anyhoo, I'll let you know if more clues come up or I have something else to work with. In the meantime, I'll be dreaming for this saturday of rose petals, candles and silk. Or at least that's what I hope....

Wish me luck, I have a HUGE Government test tonight! : l


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