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Monday, February 16, 2004

That doc is a genius!

Thanks for all the well wishes! I appreciate it very much. I'm feeling better now so back to normal topics, hope the weekend was good for everyone. It was mostly bed for me but I did get a chance to ride our snowmobile we bought and yeah, I biffed. Big ol bruise by my knee. Who puts a tree in the middle of the forest anyways? Stupid tree.

The list I have on the sidebar of people I read are really only a fraction of the blogs I read. In reality, my favorites are filled with about 50 blogs or so that I read when I can. And let me tell you, nobody's bloggin. Where is everybody? Did someone start the party without me? Did everyone get sucked up into some balck hole? Well? The blogs I read are like good books I can't put down, but I want to flip the page now...

Hope everyone is ok out there.

I'll post more later but I'm swamped that's the bad thing about taking a day off, you come back and things are piled on your chair for you to do. NEVER in your inbox. Oh no, it must be set on your chair or you won't know it's there....

Happy Monday.


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