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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Auditioning for Broadway

Damn!! I've never really admitted to being a graceful person, and sometimes I'm downright clumsy. Which is why you won't find me at your nearest restaurant holding many hot plates while balancing dessert on my head. Because I tell you, I would drop every single plate with each step and then I'd lose the plate on my head, forgetting it's there while bending over to pick up the plates I just dropped.

So far today, I've managed to crank my elbow on something, I can't even remember what it was but it sure hurt, I've tripped while walking on flat ground, and I've almost run into a door frame. How's that for balance. I swear I could lose my balance standing still. I also watch every single step I take on the stairs to make sure I aim for the middle of the step because one false move or inches off could send me hurdling down them or even sadder, up them. Yes this so applies to sporting venues, especially large ones where there are quite a large amount of stairs. I cling to Aaron's arm when he walk for fear that I will forget the pattern of left, right, left right, and I'll just get all confused and fall down. I'm so not kidding about this. Said routine applied earlier this week when we attended a sporting event that we had tickets for.....at the very top row. (hush, they were free tickets.) I was so freaked out about the steps that I made us leave just a couple minutes early so I wouldn't get all confused with all the people stampeeding down the stairs at the same time. What? I'm the only one who does that?



Now, why am I posting this when it clearly does not present me in a positive light? Well, simply, I'm just hostile that I cranked my arm.

On another note, I'm happy to report that my endeavors of the SBD and me recently being sick has helped me to lose/keep off the 8 lbs. I lost. Woot Woot!

Alright, I'm off, also, drop me a comment or email if you come across a link or something that doesn't work............I was "fixing" things again...


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