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Friday, February 13, 2004

That's not funny, now put the room down and stop spinning it!

Ok, here I am with my miserable self. Counting the minutes until the doctors' office opens. I can be a real baby when I'm sick. Just ask Aaron he'll be happy to tell you.
Last night went a little like this: Me coming home all out of breath because my lungs must have thought it funny to shrink up on me. I walk in the door, knowing we have to be somewhere soon, but I protest anyways. I lose and we do the said errand, then come back home to eat dinner since I failed at eating my lunch that afternoon. I poke at the food, try to literally choke it down and then give up. I start sobbing saying being sick isn't fair, blah, blah, blah. Comforting occurs, then we pop in a movie. Let me tell you, I have a hard enough time sitting still for any given length of time. When I'm sick and trying to sit/lay still, I'm like a wound up top on speed. And of COURSE I need the blanket on me. You know, the soft fuzzy one that you cling to when you're sick. But me laying on the couch all nice and cozy with a blanket on me didn't last very long. Sure it starts out all innocent, I flip from laying on my back to my side, blanket gets a little tangled, so I fix it...oh wait, no, that's not comfortable, wiggle a little more, blanket gets tangled around my feet, oh honey will you help me untwine myself from the blanket, oh nevermind I'll just turn this way.... and then pretty soon I'm flipped upside down, blanket entwined not only around me, but I'm managed to drag Aaron into the festivities and get him tangled in the blanket too. Enter me sobbing again and whinning that I can't get comfortable and he should do something. Why can't he just fix it?

Yep, I'm a big baby like that.

Oh, don't go sending sympathy cards to Aaron for putting up with my sick butt, because he gives it back double time when he's sick. And I pamper him so bad when he's not feeling good. Hmph.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see a man about some antibiotics.

Have a great weekend!!!!


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