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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

34 wks 2 days

Had a baby shower at work last night and cancelled my non stress test that
was scheduled so I could be there.
Had my hand slapped this morning by the doctor at my checkup.

Turns out, you're not really supposed to miss those things, especially with
all the issues we have going on. Oops!
So I went to the hospital to have one and gave a "sample" to the nurse and
went to sit in the waiting room, about 5 minutes later nurse walks in
carrying 2 large cups of water. For me, of course. I'm severely dehydrated
again, and having contractions like crazy. One registered very high on the
scale. Now THAT one I felt!

With all the fluid we have, we are measuring at 42 weeks, and the doctor
told us to count on being induced at 38 weeks. At the latest, 39 weeks.
Yikes! That's scary stuff, but exciting at the same time. I'm so ready to
have this child on the outside of me, it's amazing. I almost feel guilty
for feeling that way, but I'm so big and so achy and tired, I'm ready.
Plus, all these appointments are running me raged.

Nursery is all set up and ready to go, clothes hung, bassinets/cribs all
put together. Now we just need the baby ;)

Oh yeah, funny story when I was walking into work the other day, I was just
about to get on the elevator when a guy walked up next to me, looked over
and said "Hmm, looks like someone needs to go on a diet." And then said
nothing else. I don't know if he knew I was pregnant or not, so I just
said, "Yeah, I'll start working on that in a couple of weeks..." No
response to that. Nothing. I was dumbfounded and wasn't sure if I should
punch him in the face or run and cry. Aaron says I should have done the
first thing.
I think I need to go eat a piece of leftover baby shower cake. Or 5.

Have a great afternoon!!


  • At 9:52 PM, Blogger Jenniy said…

    Holy crap, I can't believe someone would be so stupid as to say something like that! My vote would have been to punch him. Seriously, who the hell says that?!

    I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you all :) Can't wait to hear when you have her!!

  • At 5:02 PM, Blogger Shannin said…

    I would have said something smart-assed like, "Well, maybe after this baby comes out I will be able to diet." What a jerk...

    Can't believe you are just a few weeks away!! I'm sure her room is just adorable!

  • At 7:46 PM, Blogger Denise said…

    Wow, was this a total stranger? YIKES, people can be so rude/insensitive!!!

  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger jenhen said…

    Wow. That guys nads would be up in his chest if he had encountered me. LOL
    Yay for raging hormones!

    What an asshole. Wow...


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