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Thursday, August 12, 2004

As you were

Ok, morning is going good and bad.
The good: I ate a healthy breakfast of a wheat english muffin, and fruit.
The bad: I walked in the office this morning and a coworker told me to "zip-up". This was in front of two men. I tried not to turn every shade of red, but I don't know if I prevailed. I didn't know how I could forget to do that until I was walking around the office later and the zipper was down again. So at least I know it's not me, it's a faulty zipper.

And to show you (once again) the kind of luck Aaron and I have, last night we went to the ATM to make a deposit and I stuck the card in and....the power went out. Yeah, luckily the lobby was still open otherwise, we'd be minus one debit card. sigh, damn the luck.

I picked up my wedding dress from my maid of honors house and I have my veil so maybe I'll play dress-up this weekend and take a picture. But be warned If I post it on Monday, I'll probably take it down on Tuesday so Aaron doesn't find it. ;)

Anyways, just a small update today as I feel I've talked everyone's ear off lately.

Remind me tomorrow to tell you about band camp...


  • At 1:13 PM, Blogger Jenniy said…

    Hope your day improves! I hate having to tell someone, or being told myself, about the zipper thing.

    Also, I saw your comment at Sugar Britches about looking for a new template. Try this:


    They have lots of themes including fall and weddings.


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