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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The tide is high, but I'm holding on.

Stress and tension are overwhelmingly high right now in the dreamer household. Anyone ever feel like they're living outside themselves sometimes? Like I'm doing the same routine with Aaron but sometimes I feel too comfortable, or like I don't know him at all. It's weird, and hard to explain.

Chaya broke my heart last night. And please hold it with the "That's what puppies do" comments, it still hurts. Yesterday when I got home from work I let her out like I always do, then looked around and thought: "Great nothing was chewed up, broken, or moved out of place." She had a perfect day. Finally. Then we ran a couple errands and came home... I always check to see the damage everytime I come home. It's instinct. I saw it immediately and screamed...Chaya chewed up the corner of my Hope Chest. It breaks my heart, that was a gift from my parents-an expensive one. I was/am devestated. I can't stop her chewing habit.
Things Chaya has put through her digestive system:
1. About 5 pairs of shoes
2. Aaron's speakers
3. Molding on the house
4. Aaron's slippers
5. Two remotes for the t.v.
6. The corner of our matress
7. The wood frame that supports the bed-the legs now look like toothpicks
8. The charger cord for Aaron's phone
9. The cord for the humidifier

And I can't think of anything else right now. Again, I KNOW she's a puppy and is teething and chewing, but how do I STOP her? Help.

I suppose I need to monitor Chaya just like I would a baby. Maybe this is practice, I just didn't know what I was getting into. Like I've said before, I've never been around many dogs. All I'm asking for is a little heads up. So, anything else I should know? Like how to get her to stop jumping. My little sister doesn't like to come over anymore because Chaya just crushes her. Really, anybody want to take my dog for a month and train her?


  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger C said…

    Sorry to hear you are having puppy problems. The jumping up is an easy fix. Everytime Chaya jumps you need to put your knee up. After a few times of getting hit in the chest with your knee - they stop. The trick is getting everyone that comes in contact with Chaya for awhile to automatically put there knee up when the puppy comes toward them. You have to greet the puppy standing - with knee up each time and tell her to sit. When she sits, praise her. Soon she should just automatically sit when you come home, etc. The chewing is a little more difficult. You need to get all kinds of raw hide chews, bones, ropes etc to try to find the ones that Chaya likes. Some dogs like retriever roll raw hides, put not the raw hide bones.....once you can identify some objects that she likes to chew that are puppy legal, then leave several off them out and around for her to chew. Put red pepper or something like it on the wood she has already chewed and any new spots that may come up. The last tip I have is to make sure that you give Chaya some sort of treat everytime you leave the house for work, etc. For some reason, this seems to calm them down a little bit. I have trained Border Collies and other dogs/puppies that have been rescued from bad owners or abandoned and the combination of all of the above has saved my home from a lot of damage. I hope you can make them work for you. Also, you mentioned that she likes to chew cords....please make sure that all cords that are accessible to her are unplugged. I have had a puppy electocute themselves chewing a cord they found in the backyard that was not properly grounded.....this is definately a good trial run for motherhood! Good Luck.

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Shannin said…

    We're still dealing with the jumping. Our issue is that with two dogs, they each try to get higher than the other to get petted. We're working on it, though. Plus, they only jump on some people, not all.
    As far as the chewing, also try Kongs. I used to fill Baja's up with peanut butter and then freeze it overnight. Also, are you limiting the area in which she stays for long periods of time? I would suggest a laundry room, bathroom, etc. We kept Baja and Jager in the laundry room for a long time. They are now allowed to stay in the house when we're away, but we only started doing that this past spring. If you can't limit her to one room, shut all the doors to rooms you don't want her in. She's just testing her boundries. You can also crate train -- very effective.

  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger Dazed said…

    I agree with Shannin about the kongs, they are indestructable, and you can fill them with peanut butter (and bones too!) and give it to Chaya when you leave for the day, and keep her entertained for atleast an hour. Have you tried playing with tennis balls? Maybe she needs more of her own things to chew on? We keep Riley in one room but he has never chewed on furniture. But I make sure he has atleast 5 toys in the room. Our other dog has free range of the house, but he is 7 and is pretty lazy, only gets into the trash here and there...but we kept him in one room with many toys when he was a puppy too. Good luck, Im sorry about your hope chest. damn dogs!!!


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