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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Walking Heart Attack

This post is not funny. It is my wake up call. Slap in the face, here it is on paper, wake up call. Now as I've mentioned before, I over react. So if after reading this post, you think I am, gently tell me so because it helps me put things into perspective.

One of the classes I have this semester is Diet & Exercise. So one of the requirements was to have a Health Assesment. So yesterday I trudge to class ready for the worst. Or so I thought. First came the BMI, which I knew was going to be high because I gained around 50 pounds so fast last year after I had surgery on my neck. So, yes about two years ago when I was working out hardcore, my BMI was 24 or 25. I can't remember. Ummm yeah, yesterday's number was 40. That's definitly too high. Duh. So, I was a bit disheartened, but I'm working on it as fast as I can. I get to the gym when I can, or do other things in its place. So that should have prepared me for the next test. Which was blood pressure. My numbers were 126/94. That's bad too. Very bad. I guess the 126 is ok, because that's how much blood your heart pumps out, but the 94 means that the return isn't all that great. Like taxes. We give plenty, but don't always get the same back. Ideally the bottom number should be around 80. To solve, that means more exercise. I'm trying!! Oh man, for me, for Aaron, for our unborn children I need to lose this weight. I'm not kidding. I'm like a walking heart attack. Although, my cholesterol was 172, which is good, (high is around 200) because I eat my fruits and vegetables, it's just the blood pressure that worries me. Luckily Aaron was there with me last night and he said not to worry too much because the nurses who did the tests were still training, and she did have to try 3 times before she got a reading. So, this is where you tell me to chill or get my butt to the gym this instant. I feel so stressed right now and that's not good because that too makes the blood pressure higher. ::sigh:: I think I was better off not knowing.

I did call my doctor's office to see what my cholesterol and blood pressure were on my last visit, just to compare. I'm waiting for that call-back....


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