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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Gettin some action

Look down to the bottom of my posts, yea that's right, gettin some comment love! It's good to be noticed sometimes. :)

I have the best intentions for hitting the gym tonight. Aaron has school and in order for me to not go shopping for stuff for the bar room, I need to keep busy. I'm really lucky because working out for me means some time to myself, to think, let loose and burn off some of the energy I have from sitting behind a desk all day. I plug in my headphones and as soon as I leave the locker room my choice cd has started to blare into my ears, and I feel the mugginess of the room engulf me. I hardly see anyone else you see, because I enter my own world. One where I rule and chose what to do. I begin upstairs on the track and take a few strolls around then it'sgo time. I pick up the pace drastically, passing people here and there, concentrating on my pace, often keeping time with the music I hear. (yes, this was due to many years in marching band-no I was not a dork, shut up) After about a half hour of this I do a couple laps for cool down, then go onto the cardio weight lifting equipment. An hour or so has passed and it's time for me to leave, but as I head down the stairs and back to the locker room, I feel different. Not that "pumped up" feeling you get after working out, but the feeling of completion, that I've done something great for my body. What a rush. I swear, I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Hopefully that's where my night will find me, then I'll go home and be exhausted!

4 days til the housewarming party, why am I so nervous? Hmmm. I suppose it's that sense of worth thing where you never feel anything is good enough and lately with the way things are going for us, often not. I'll just clean as best I can and serve some light food (thanks to my "anonymous" poster) and push people through the house as fast as possible. Haha! Honestly I wish I could have had everyone reserve a time slot or something, I don't know where I'm going to put everone.... I hope people don't mind standing on top of each other....no, I'm not kidding.

Here's some pictures (not the best quality) of the house to show you what I mean.

House & Niagra Falls 025.jpg
House & Niagra Falls 021.jpg
House & Niagra Falls 020.jpg


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