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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Momma told me there'd be days like these

I never really though my blog would become therapy for me, however, it has. Initially, I wanted my thoughts written down like a diary. For me to look back on and reflect. To expand my writing. Never therapy. Therefore, if this post makes no sense to anyone else, it will to me, simply because I got the thoughts out of my head.

I spent my whole life wanting to be a grown-up and do grown-up things. Now that I'm there, I realize I forgot to not wish for the decisions that also come with growing up. Oh, I don't mean the "Paper or plastic?" decisions, I mean the "How are we going to pay bills?" "Invest here or there?" "What are we going to do with Chaya?"....


Aaron woke up at 4 am Sunday morning to let Chaya out and then he came back to bed for a little bit. We woke up to disaster. I took pictures but they will really won't do justice to the scene. Stuffing everywhere. From 2 pillows that were on the couch. My makeup bag and it's contents. Chewed up and scattered everyfreakinwhere. She even felt the need to tear up her bed. She.Tore.Up.Her.Bed. Where she sleeps. Why would she do that? I can't even pretend to understand.

So, when we left that night, she went back in her crate. She did not like that and proceeded to tell us by peeing on the bedding inside. That got ripped out real quick. Yesterday when I got home from work and let her out, she was fine. No accidents and was thrilled to see us. I bet. I don't WANT her in a crate.

Why does it have to be so hard? I'd like to do an inventory check of the things she's chewed up or destroyed but I'm afraid of the total. In dollars. We are at our wits end and unfortunately don't have the money to put her in behavior classes. This cannot be the only option. Why can't the magic fairy come down from the place in the sky and tell us what to do? She has a great temperment when we're there, she just gets so mad when we're not around that she destroys everything in her path. How do people that work do this? You all have given me plenty of advice to work with and believe me, I think we tried it all. She has plenty of chew things, stuffed with peanut butter, enough stimulation for three puppies. Does she hate us? Is she not happy in our home? Should we find another home for her where she'll be happy?

feels better to get that all out you know?


  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger Denise said…

    Sounds like she needs doggie day care or a baby sitter or something. If you can't afford that, then the crate (when you're not home) might be the kindest thing in the end. I'm not much of a dog person but I understand that most of the ripping and shredding behavior happens in their puppy time, so maybe you'd just need to use the crate until she's grown up enough to handle being out?

  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger Jenniy said…

    What a mess! Would it be possible to leave her outside? Personally, I've never left animals outside because my dog doesn't really like it (unless I'm outside too) but I've dog sat for PLENTY of dogs are much, much happier hanging outside all day. Do you think she would bark? Or if you think it's kind of mean I understand :) But I do agree with Denise, she might be better off in the crate. I know it's a hassel to clean up her messes, but it's still a million times better than having her destroy things. I don't think it's a sign of her being unhappy at all - she's probably be very snippy and mean towards you if she wasn't happy. She's probably just too young and hyper to behave properly right now :) Good luck!

  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger Thumper said…

    How old is she and what breed? Many dogs chew until they're around 2 years old...we found that out the hard way ith our Golden Retriever. He ate *everything* including his own wicker bed (no kidding..he ATE it over a period of a couple of months...)

    So, chances are it's not you. It's probably age and/or breed, and she needs to outgrow it. And even though a crate seems cruel, it's really not. She can learn to feel safe in it, and being in it when you're not home will keep her from ingesting something that could potentially kill her.

    As long as you spend lots of time with her when you're home, a crate isn't a bad thing. Dogs can learn to view their crates as dens, and even spend time in them when they don't have to with the door open.

  • At 10:34 PM, Blogger Dazed said…

    I posted a picture for you of my "problem children"...they are no where near as bad as Chaya about chewing stuff up...thought it might brighten you day to let you know your kid isnt teh only one with a destructive behavior problem! Good luck...I think the crate is going to keep Chaya out of trouble...and make you feel worse about it...but she will get over it!!!!


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