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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Life can just take you and throw you any which way it wants. That was definitely apparent this weekend. I'd like off this ride now please.

Many blogs I'm reading lately have the same tone, one of which life has dumped a big dirty pile of laundry on them to sort through.

I live my life like I'm doing laundry. Now wait, there's no need to commit me, I'm fine, just hear me out.

I've recently changed the way we do laundry around the house. Before, we would have two piles. One for darks, and one for anything else (lights, grays, light pinks) Then we would shove as much laundry in the washer as it could hold, spin the dial, add the soap, and viola. 20 minutes later they would be put into the dryer to dry.

The flaws in this logic:

1. Because the load was so large, I highly doubt anything could have really gotten too clean.
2. Aaron works in a trade. One where he gets dirty. Like mud dirty. Not like me where the only dirt that falls is office dust.
3. Therefore, many of my light colored shirts would get misc. markings on them. Presumably from the dirt from Aaron's workclothes. This resulted in said shirts being thrown away. Waste.
4. White would never stay white for long due to the mixing of the clothes.

Bascially, I was doing things half-assed.

The new way of laundry: (More detailed and time consuming, but the payoff is large)

1. Aaron's work clothes: Two piles, dark, light.
2. My whites/delicates
3. Our dark clothes together
4. Our lightly colored clothes together
5. Aaron's socks

Instead of taking a big bite, I'm taking little ones, and breaking things down.
It's easier to digest life that way too. Doing things in smaller amounts lets me spend more time and get each part done/cleaned the right way. So, instead of looking at the whole problem or taking it on all at once, I'm taking it:

Piece by piece.

Pound by pound.

Cycle day by day.

Minute by minute.


  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    The logic in your post is very evident. It is much easier to deal with things little by little.

    My only question is why would you do an entire load of laundry just of Aaron's socks? I'm thinking maybe he has very stinky feet? LOL

  • At 8:48 AM, Anonymous daisy said…

    A good anaology.

    Speaking of laundry...we were talking about laundry weren't we? I learned a long time ago (although it took me years to actually learn it) that if I do several small loads a week it is easier on me than it taking my entire weekend to catch up on laundry.

  • At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Rebecca said.

    I of course was like you in the beginning, my mom hated how I did my laundry. Now I take my time too. It takes a little longer, I have to do more loads, but things look better and last longer!

  • At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The month of June taught me that is indeed best to take things day by day, and ALWAYS let your loved ones know you care...*sigh*

    - Jen


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