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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Getting it all out

Update in list form. Something I haven't done in a long time and is quite overdue.

1. I had a garage sale this past weekend. I split the money with Aaron and it looks like someone gets to go shopping tonight. That someone would most definitely be me.

2. Still have PCOS. (Not like it goes away, I was just hoping it was a nightmare.)

3. Still not pregnant.

4. Have been at a total loss of 15 pounds for the past week. (Can anyone direct me where to get a nice ticker for this?)

5. Extremely creepy exterminator guy who came out last month obviously didn't do such a hot job getting rid of any bugs since Daisy found a new friend this morning and his name was BIG HUGE CARPENTER ANT. (We really need to cut the huge tree covering our house down.)

6. We were expecting great news and a life change for the good in the form of a letter recently. I think Murphy's law was the culprit who interferred with our mailbox. Jerk.

7. Still not pregnant.

8. Talked to my doctor about my next course of action for achieving #7, he then asked me to remind him how long we'd been trying. I told him since November. Dumbass that I am, I KNEW he wouldn't do any infertility workup until we'd been trying for a year. I should have lied.

9. AND THE SILVER LINING: He DID say that he still thinks this could happen on our own. Which is good because I'm really not too interested in the raging bitch that will show up in our house once we start mixing my hormones with drugs. I asked him to classify the degree of this condition. He told me "moderate."

10. I need another vacation. And a stiff drink.

11. Planning probably a weekender here. And counting the days.


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger smith+smith said…

    omgosh, i can't believe i stumbled onto your blog. i have recently been diagnosed with IR and may have PCOS--though i'm crossing my fingers. my husband and i are also trying for pregnancy this fall. i've just started my own blog to sort through things as they happen. and just today, i posted about my own problems with dr.s dismissing what i say. while i don't wish for anyone else to go through these things, it's nice to see there is someone else out there i can relate to.

  • At 11:35 PM, Anonymous swolfe said…

    I have PCOS, and we've been trying to get pregnant, like, forever! Three of my close friends have kids in the last year... but not me. I can't even get a freakin visit from Aunt Flow!

    I hate this disease and all its ugly symptoms... my diabetes endo said I had, "one of the worst cases" she'd ever seen. So comforting... not! But I hope more ladies will start blogging about their infertility/pcos problems, it's important for us to create a community where we can be sad, mad, sad, mad, happy altogether.

    I did manage to shed about 10 lbs, but I've been slacking lately, and I gained 6 back. Argh!

    I started a food blog with a friend of mine... it was weird, but it really worked. We recorded what we ate and any exercise we did. I've kind of neglected it lately, but I know that keeping a 'journal' of diet and exercise really made me think about what I was eating because I didn't want to have to admit it later. It's weird how honest blogs can let us be.

    BTW, try this for a weight loss tracker. They have other trackers too... ovulation, pregnancy (when we get to that), events, etc.

    Best wishes to you. I'll be back to read up on your progress.

  • At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Im sorry about the PCOS. I hope that the dr was right and you will soon be changing #7!

    Congrats on the weight loss.


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