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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What a ride!

Woohoo life is throwing some turns at us right now.
Mostly health related things with family. I wish technology were so great as to cure all illness and disease.

What? A girl can dream right? And we're always making more strides in health so I don't actually think I'm far off.

Anyways, I also took a visit to a new obgyn since I didn't feel mine was being proactive enough with my health. Anytime I tried to approach the subject of something being amiss:

Me: "You know, I have all this pain, can't we check something out?"
Her: (Being very defensive) "What makes you think somethings wrong, I don't know why you think you can't have children. Your mom had 5, why do you think this way?"

Me: "Ummm, I'm sorry." (Just because my mother was fertile myrtle, doesn't mean my body is the same! - I scream this to myself)
Me: "Lemme just get my things, I'm SO sorry I took up your time.."

But I'm happy to report, my new doctor (a male- I was iffy at first) addressed ALL my concerns and tomorrow I'm scheduled for a blood test for thyroid and hormone levels, and then that afternoon I'll be having an ultrasound. And then I'll get another ultrasound, one that involves a microphone type thing and a light. Fun!

Anyways, the doctor tells me the ultrasound is because he thinks with my symptoms, that I may have endometriosis.

And I'm not upset, the only thing I could do was get a little teary-eyed because someone was finally addressing my concerns. If it turns out that I do have this condition, and my previous doctor put me off for a year, so help me, I can't be responsible for any screaming and yelling I do.

Happy Hump Day!


  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger bek said…

    IF that is the case, though I hope it isn't, I'm almost certain that there is something you can do about that.

    That would be so frustrating - I admire your patience with this doctor.

  • At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Goldberry said…

    Good for you for switching doctors. I don't think anybody should be frustrated or put off by their doctors - ever! We need to be comfortable going to them.

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Dazed said…

    I am glad your new dr is taking a more proactive approach towards your health. =)
    Oooooooh a microphone? Up there? THAT sounds weird!


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