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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Sunday

While Aaron went to a superbowl party tonight, I chose not to go and get some things done off my to-do list for the week. And when Aaron reads this he'll understand how worthy I was of all those clothes I went out and bought after I was done.

- Vacuumed entire house including Delia's bedroom with the thousands of pieces of cat hair she sheds DAILY.
- Stipped and washed bedding.
- Pine Sol'd all floors.
- Scrubbed bathroom top to bottom.
- Cleaned all kitchen surfaces including cabinets.
- Reorganized our eleventy-thousand shoes in the mudroom and hung all 50 of our coats hanging on the 5 hooks we have.
- Dusted entire house.
- Did 5 loads of laundry. (One weeks worth. Seriously, do we change clothes every hour or what?
- Decorated for Valentine's Day.

All of this with a semi hangover this morning. We went out to the bar last night with our friends. One on leave from Iraq. I was schooled in the art of pool playing and I actually did good after having those three drinks in me. And although I had that hangover feeling, I slept like a baby last night. That's probably why today was so productive. I'm going to force myself to go watch some tv now so that I won't go dig into my closets to start reorganizing them. I literally feel like I drank a gallon of coffee today. Man, it's amazing what a good nights sleep will do.

And for the first time in the shower today? Yeah, I exfoliated with a sugar scrub.
I feel like a new woman! How come I never knew about this stuff before? It's amazing.

Happy Superbowl Everyone!


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