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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Think of it as a spicerack.

My read list needs to be updated to add the umpteen more blogs I try to read everyday. Let me know if there's one out there that I've forgotton. If it's you, tell me, your favorite read, tell me. Thanks for adding to my spicerack!

Yesterday my computer crashed three times. One the way home, I was two cars behind and almost in a very bad car crash. If I'd been a little faster to leave work, or wanted to pass the car in front of me like I almost did, that would have been me. I walked into our house white as a ghost. Someone trying to tell me something?

Also on the way home yesterday I was behind a car that had a little girl in the back, obviously unbuckled because she was resting her head on the back of her mom's seat, then the light turned green and the car started to go, throwing the girl back into the back seat. When the car moved over into the turn lane to turn, I pulled up next to her and honked the horn and pulled on my seatbelt and pointed to the little girl. I don't care how much of an idiot I looked like, maybe she'll think about that crazy lady honking next time she puts her kid in the car. Thing is, she was buckled up in the front seat! Actaully, it was probably just to avoid the ticket.

Didn't she see that if the girl flew backwards when the car started to go, that she would fly forward, through the windshield, if she had to stop? Fast? The thought just makes me sick.

Children are just too precious.

Ok, that's my crazy lady PSA for the day, carry on.


  • At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hear ya. My car does not leave park until I get an affirmative that the seatbelt is buckled.



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