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Monday, October 25, 2004

One mishap at a time

Back to the daily grind. No pictures yet, so don't even ask. Photographer guy said 3 weeks so that's what I'm going by. And trust me, if anybody is counting down the days, it's me.

The wedding for the most part went off fine. It was the things that went wrong that made it memorable. The power going off the night before while we were decorating the hall. So we decorated in the dark. This was much like dressing in the dark. We had no idea what went where. Fun. But the power came on the morning of the wedding so problem resolved. Except for, the rain. It rained. and rained. There was literally one shinning moment when for a half hour, we ran to the municipal park where we were engaged and snapped photos like crazy until it started raining again. So, my dream of pictures at the pumpkin patch were squashed, but at least we got some pictures outside. Reception was great, it was a huge party. Everyone had a great time and many drinks and dancing were had/done by all. The actual ceremony I can't wait to see on tape. I was ok until everyone was gone out of the bridal room and my dad opened the door to get me. THEN, well, I lost it. I couldn't even look at him. I sobbed and shook all the way down the aisle. And cried even more when Aaron told me I looked like an angel. So I focused on his eyes and I composed myself just fine. And our little ringbearer did so well. He was so nervous and was twirling the pillow on his hands and eventually dropped it. Too funny, I can't wait to see that either. And to think, I actually almost tied the actual rings on the pillow...oy.

The honeymoon was really long. We got a little homesick. Ok, pick your jaw up off of the ground. It was reeeaaallly hot down in FL and the ocean was strong. So strong that I'm afraid I injured my neck again. Needless to say, we were ready to get on the plane back to Detroit.

More stories later as the week settles down. Prepare thee blogs, here I come!


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