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Monday, September 13, 2004

Let's try something new shall we?

As you know by now, I am more of a story blogger than a day-by-day one. But, there's just too much to say and I'm really busy so here ya go.

Friday: My doctor called to tell me that my liver enzymes are high and to get into the doctor as soon as I could. I broke down crying and left the office. Oh, and also scared the crap out of my family because I was definitely incoherent on the phone.
2:45 we went into the doctor and he explained to my mom, dad, Aaron and I that while my test results are a little high, this could just be a baseline for me and nothing else. I have a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow since I'm having pain, an abdominal ultrasound as soon as I can, and I will also see an endocrinologist for my weight.

Saturday: God bless the families and Victims of 9-11, Happy 89th birthday Grandma, Someone I know dies after a long fight with cancer. Out on the boat until sunset.

Sunday: Church, out on the boat until sunset....

I lost 6 pounds over the weekend.... Yes, that's right, 6.
Maybe there is something to this whole relaxing thing.

Aaron had a complete physical today and now he has an ultrasound at 3:45 because his thyroid is enlarged. Go figure.

I'll update when I can, Probably won't be around much this week, what with doctors, ultrasounds and a funeral.

I do want to say there is nothing funnier than a little dog in a doggie life vest. Hilarious.


  • At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    try not to panic (yes I know easier said than done)...I'll keep you in my prayers!

  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    I will be praying that everything turns out alright. Congrats on the 6lbs!


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