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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Things that make want to scream

Last night was supposed to be a day of rest for me. Instead, well, just read.

Waking up:

1. Step into Aaron's slippers and note that my heel hurts, look down to see bloodied heel. Stupid all day walking at the zoo, humid weather, ouch...mumble, mumble,

2. Aaron calls says he will be working really late tonight. Fine, overtime is much appreciated right now.

3. Monsoon occurs in the afternoon, Aaron calls, not working late, but is soaked from attempting to in the rain.

4. Get home, immediately smell poo. Curse out loud because I know Chaya had an accident.

5. Not only did Chaya have an accident, but she thought it would be fun to play with her accident. All.Over.The.Crate. Then when I let her out, she runs all over the house.

6. Take rags from cleaning carpet out to the garbage. Notice broken glass....

7. Aaron's home, I'm going to get a pedicure. He can clean the crate.

8. Holy sonofa mother mercy, I forgot to tell the lady about my heel. Chemicals in an open wound are soooo much fun. (winces)

9. The next 4 hours are kind of a blur, broken glass was from Aaron trying to air out the house and a stuck window popped open and broke. Great. Add "need new windows to the list", Chaya gets a bath, stupid bed gets the water sucked out of it because I hate water beds, new bed put up, shower for me, why are ants crawling all over the house again? Spray the outside of the house, help my dying flowers with Miracle Grow, Make dinner, and collapse.

Man, you guys must be exhausted from reading me.

Tonight I have a date with the porch and a stiff drink. Oh, that is, after I get home from school... Excuse me while I go find toothpicks to prop my eyes open.


  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger Denise said…

    Deep breath...and let it out. It really sounds like you're burned out from the accumulation of everything you've had to deal with recently. Is it possible for you to go away for a weekend, somewhere quiet and relaxing, either with Aaron or by yourself? If not, perhaps just try to carve a quiet half hour into your day somewhere and just listen to the stillness? Wish I could be of more help, and I'm there in spirit!

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Dazed said…

    WHAT AN EXHAUSTING DAY!!! Yikes, better make that stiff drink a double tonight, take a load off (and not chaya's load!)

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger Jenniy said…

    Ugh, what a day! And good job letting Aaron clean up after Chaya ;)


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