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Monday, June 14, 2004

All the ingredients

This past weekend had all the ingredients for a relaxing time. Friday we went out to dinner with my family for my sister's birthday. Then we drove 45 minutes away to Aaron's softball game...that was cancelled. We got home and decided to take Chaya for a walk. Then we got sucked into the black hole that is our neighbors garage (which is so cool by the way) and we talked and let the dogs tire each other out in the backyard. This was so much fun as we've never really bonded yet with the locals. We talked and drank and showed each other our houses while the boys talked shop. Good times.

Saturday found us at an open house, dinner with some friends, and back to our house for drinks, and a bonfire. oh yea, did I tell you there was bocce ball. I'd never heard of this game in my life but let me tell you, I rock at bocce ball. At least I did for the first throw which was beginners luck. Then I just threw the ball and hoped for the best.

The night ended with Smores and what's more perfect than that? Good friends, good food, who could ask for more?

Sunday my Maid of Honor (Tina), sister, and mom all went out to breakfast and went over some things for the shower and then my maid of honor, and her baby and husband and Aaron and I all went to the zoo. What a blast. It was soooo hot though. You could stand still and create a puddle of sweat the humidity so high. But it was worth it to see the look on the baby's face and see her so excited to see the animals.

A fight diverted narrowly when we got to the zoo, we were waiting for a parking spot, (waiting for someone to back out) and when the car backed out, another car came zipping across the lane next to us and pulled right into the spot! You should have seen the look on all of our faces. It was a priceless dumbfounded look. Tina, her husband and Aaron all jumped out of the car while I stayed inside with the baby and ran at that guy and started cursing the guy out. It was sooo funny.

Not then. But we can laugh now. The poor guy was shaking in his boots. Yes, he moved his car.

Anyways, I slept like crap last night and I feel like a zombie. Therefore, spelling errors, and this post not making any kind of sense are totally not my fault.

Happy Monday!


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