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Monday, May 03, 2004

It's a beautiful Mornin

Hope everyone's weekend was great. I spent Saturday getting to know some new people. People who's significant other was in the wedding also. I walked into the wedding reception and I found my place card, I looked at my table number, 17, then looked for it. Guess where it was. Yeah, in the corner. It was all I could do to keep from leaving. My salvation was this: It was right.next.to.the.bar. Therefore, Saturday was great. Enough said.

Did I tell you I have the smartest dog in the world? She is great at matching. We woke up Sunday morning and walked out of the bedroom. I find Aaron's tennis shoe in the hall. Then I see the matching shoe as I turned the corner. THEN I saw them, my poor helpless black sandals. They simply could not be salvaged. But hey, at least she was so smart to know that the shoes had a match. If your going to destroy a shoe, you might as well do the match too, right? Funny thing is, she didn't even touch Aaron's nasty, stained from mowing-the-lawn tennis shoes, only my sandals. This resulted in us going around to 4 stores so I could re-buy them only to find that 3 of them didn't have my size. This took up most of yesterday. It's ok, it was raining anyways.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!


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