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Friday, April 30, 2004


No dreams last night! (Doing the happy dance)

As for yesterday's questions:

"Me" asked me:
"you think stressing about the dreams you are having makes you have more bad or bizarro dreams?"

Answer: Yes I most certainly do. No doubt about it. My mind is one big powerball of information, grudges and worries.

Jenniy asked me:
Ok, I have easy ones for you...

1) What are you majoring in? Where do you go to school? (Yeah, that's two, I know)
2) How did you and Aaron meet?

1. I just completed a measly Associates degree in Liberal Arts at my local Community College. I started at a University but switched to a community college because of money issues. After the wedding and probably next fall, I'll go on to major in Child Psychology.
2. Aaron and I met when I half-jokingly put out my profile online at one of those dating services and it just so happened he had put his on there too. He was browsing around, saw my profile and subscribed to the service so he could contact me. We talked online through email, then exchanged cell numbers, then on July 6th 2002 we met at a Fourth of July celebration at a county park close to where I live.

Denise asked me:
1. If money were no object, is there anything you'd change about your wedding or honeymoon?
2. If you could design your own "Happily Ever After", what would your life look like?

1. What I would change would be where the reception is going to be held. I would have liked to have it at a country-club type place. Now for the honeymoon? I think I would have gone for Hawaii. Pompano Beach will be nice though.
2. "My Happy Ever After" changes so much. That's a hard question. I guess my childhood dream was always to live in a big house with a spiral staircase, with two children, a boy and girl. Also to have a loving husband with a cat and a dog. Also to have plenty of money. Lately, I wonder what if I had taken the chance to move away and follow-up on my modeling and acting, and just go explore the world. But then I go home and see my fiance and then I remember what I really want. Security.

So, thanks for the questions. I really got to thinking about what Denise asked me and I realized I'm pretty close to what my Happy Ever After is. Minus the kids, spiral staircase, and a weight I'm happy with.

Aaron is in a wedding tomorrow so I'll be the one at the table in the back making mindless conversation with the locals. Or the bartender, that’s probably more likely.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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