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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Times they are a changin

Why do I do this to myself every year? It's like spring comes and I lose all sense of rationale and I act like a crazy fool. BUT, I can justify anything if I want to bad enough. Just like I justified buying a new wardrobe last weekend even though we're on a "budget."
I had my Sunfire for a year tops before I traded it in and got my current Grand Am. Rolled some negative equity into it, and guess what, a year and 5 months later I want something else. I can totally justify this too. My warranty is up in about 3000 miles at which point I'll be at 60000 miles. I'm not kidding when I tell you at the 60001st mile, my car will break down. Honestly, that is my luck. The only constant in my life is Murphy's Law. So that's the first reason. The second is that Aaron and I are planning on having children soon after getting married and I want something safer and a little bit bigger. I feel like an ant on the road whenever I drive anywhere. Here come these huge honkin SUV's that want to run me off the road and very well could. I don't want to compete with that, I just want to be able to stand a chance if one of them decides to run into me. So, tomorrow, Aaron and I are heading to the dealership to see what kind of damage we can do. I'm a little nervous because I'll be rolling more negative equity into it and for the first time ever...I'm going to try leasing. You can lease so cheap I know, but you never own the car, and I'm quite positive I'll go over the miles allotted. So I'm on the fence on this one and hoping something will persuade me one way or the other. Yeah, like some big sign is going to pop up on my screen and say Lease! or, Buy! Why not, they have pop-ups for everything else. Anyways, that's where tomorrow fill find us so I must go home tonight after my hair appointment (I can justify that too...) and prettify my car so it gets a good trade-in value. I hate going to dealerships, the salespeople confuse me and I always end up with something I don't want and a payment that's too much. I swear that's the only place I get flustered and completely turn into the typical bimbo.

Good thing Aaron is going with me or I'd probably end up with a green Pinto, paying $500/month. Don't think I'm kidding either. It'd be very likely to happen.


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