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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The sun'll come out....tomorrow.

I went for a walk at lunch. It was colder than a _____. I came in from my walk at lunch.

The sun came out.

This is about par for how my day has gone. I'm really busy today.

On a lighter note, here are the pictures I promised.....

Front of the dress

Back of the Dress

We went last night to take some pictures, except I think they frown on that at this particular store because "Sales Lady" kept a pretty stern eye on me. This only made me go into stealth mode and see just how many pictures I could take before someone got upset. Insert evil/sneaky laugh here.

I'm glad I'm getting more and more things checked off my list, it seemed just yesterday the wedding was 13 months away, now there are only 7 short months left. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll post some more wedding photos in my photo album. That's IF I'm feeling ambitious. Right now I'm just feeling tired. We were up late last night putting together my new armoire. Well, actually Aaron was putting it together and I was just moving my head from side to side straining to see American Idol uncut and yelling for him to move out of the way. Occasionally I would hold a door so he could put the hinges on it or something.

Ahhh, teamwork.


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